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Working With Us

Our Fees

Tailored Services

Oxford Financial Partners has tailored our services and fees to meet you wherever you are in your financial journey. We have no minimum account sizes*. All clients receive access to our robust digital advice and investing platform, supported by advice from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

How It Works

All client relationships begin with The Partnering Process so that we may better understand your goals and tailor a plan to help you achieve them. Clients pay an annual Partnering Agreement fee of $2,5001,2 for delivery and updates to their personalized Financial Wellcheck and Investment Policy Statement.

Upon completion of the Planning Phase, many clients choose to hire us to implement the plan under an Investment Advisory Agreement. The fee for ongoing portfolio management under this agreement is listed on the schedule to the right.

Our fees are:

First $2,000,000


Next $2,000,000+


*  Minimum annual fee is $2,500/year per household

Note: Estimated "all in" cost of 1.35% / 0.80% inclusive of mutual fund and ETF internal expenses

1 Partnering Agreement Fee is charged in 6-month installments of $1,250 each and is waived once assets under Oxford’s management exceed $200,000.

2 Subject to 12-month minimum commitment.

Notes: All accounts in the same household are aggregated for purposes of determining assets held at Oxford, resulting in lower prices for clients. Oxford’s fees may not be changed without client’s written authorization. In addition to the advisory fees paid to Oxford, clients may incur additional platform costs related to custody, trading, processing and reporting. The underlying investment vehicles recommended by Oxford may also assess their own management fees or other transactions costs. These costs will be disclosed to the client but are the client’s responsibility. Oxford does not control these fees or share in them. Oxford Financial Partners reserves the right to make exceptions to the standard advisory fee schedule noted above. Legacy clients may be paying fees to Oxford under different arrangements than those above.