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The Mamba Mentality: Constantly Striving to be the Best Version of Yourself Thumbnail

The Mamba Mentality: Constantly Striving to be the Best Version of Yourself

With the recent sudden passing of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, it prompted me to focus my blog on his personal mantra, the constant quest to be better today than you were yesterday.

The Black Mamba (Kobe’s nickname) was hands down my favorite athlete growing up. His tenacity, competitive drive, and will-to-win was second to none. He inspired me to be a better competitor, holding myself accountable on and off the court.

We all know his professional accolades as a basketball player, but he was just beginning the next chapter in his life as a businessman and full-time father. After retiring from basketball in 2016, he created the Mamba Sports Academy to train young athletes. He used the academy to not only focus on the art and science of athletic training, but also to teach the youth the mentality needed to be successful on and off the court.

This very Mamba Mentality explained by Kobe:

“Mamba Mentality is all about focusing on the process and trusting in the hard work when it matters most. It’s the ultimate mantra for the competitive spirit. It started just as a hashtag that came to me one day, and it’s grown into something athletes – and even non-athletes – embrace as a mindset.”

Mamba Mentality Applied to your Life

You might be thinking, what does this Mamba Mentality have to do with application to your own life? The constant quest to try and be the best version of yourself can apply to many areas of someone’s life. The pursuit to be a better spouse and/or parent, or striving to improve as a professional in whatever field you’re in are just a few examples. That’s what made Kobe great, he continued to better himself after accomplishing almost everything in his profession; he was never complacent.

Mamba Mentality Applied to Personal Finances

This can also be applied to your personal finances. You can hold yourself accountable (or partner with an advisor to hold yourself accountable) to reach your financial goals such as retirement, funding a child’s education, or ensuring your estate plan is up to date in the event of an unexpected life event.

Accountability was something Kobe held himself to the highest standard on and expected the same from all his teammates. Our team at Oxford Financial Partners has weekly meetings to assess our team and individual goals. We collaborate, help other, and challenge each other’s thinking in a way that strives to improve the firm overall. Ultimately, this allows us to be our best on behalf of clients, always acting in their fiduciary best interest to make sure needs are met.

I think that Kobe had a grasp on his impact on the game of basketball and the younger athletes, but unfortunately, he’s not going to be able to fully appreciate the impact he had on future generations outside of basketball. I challenge you to take this accountability mindset and implement it into your own life. Maybe you do so by reaching out to someone who you’ve been reluctant to contact for one reason or another. This life is short, so holding yourself accountable to your goals, and sharing in the fruits of those victories with those who are important to you, is something we should all cherish with more intent.